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Submission Deadline EXTENDED: April 22, 2019

12th Cognitive Symposium – 2019
Sponsored by the Allen Cognitive Network and Advisors, Ltd.
Providence, Rhode Island
October 4 and 5, 2019

Theme for Cognitive Symposium 2019
Functional Cognition: Research and Application of the Cognitive Disabilities Model.

The Cognitive Symposium is an educational forum for occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals to share best practices, research evidence, theoretical developments, and resources related to use of the cognitive disabilities model and other cognitive intervention models. It is also an opportunity for practitioners, educators, researchers, and students to network with colleagues who share their professional interests in promoting the “best ability to function” for persons with cognitive disabilities.

We invite all healthcare professionals with an interest in cognition and cognitive rehabilitation (e.g. OT, PT, Speech, Nursing, administrators, etc.) to participate in the symposium and to submit proposals for presentations that build on the symposium theme. Proposals on the topics which are related to the cognitive disabilities model and other cognitive models are also welcomed.

Proposals types appropriate for submission:

1. The content and format of all proposals must be original work that does not infringe on the copyright or other proprietary right of any other person or organization.

2. Choose between the following presentation formats of podium or panel, poster, table top or round table discussions. For details, see below.

Presentation Proposals
· Podium or Panel Presentation - These presentations include a podium presentation, a panel discussion of up to 3 presenters, an interactive presentation between presenter and audience, or a combination of these options. Presentations are delivered to all symposium attendees or half of the attendees for split sessions. They are designed to present clinical or educational programs or approaches which are being used in practice, theory developments and applications, and research outcomes related to assessment and intervention with persons who have cognitive disabilities and their families. These presentations may be 60 minute to 4 hours long including at least 15 minutes for questions and answers. (.1, .15, .2, .3 or .4 CEUs / 1, 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 Contact Hours)

· Poster or Table Top Presentation -These presentations offer opportunities for individuals to share innovative clinical applications of cognitive theories, relevant literature reviews, current research outcomes, plans for future research, educational innovations, or to share other pertinent information that is best conveyed in a visual presentation format that can be viewed and studied by symposium attendees at their own pace. Individuals whose poster or tabletop presentations are accepted need to be available during designated times in the symposium schedule to present and discuss their presentation with interested attendees. (.05 CEU/ 1/2 Contact Hour)

· Round Table Discussions - These one-hour discussions involve sharing a brief overview of a topic/issue/project and leading a discussion or completing a task (e.g. design of a reporting form) with a small group of participants. Invited featured speakers and board members may also be asked to lead round table discussions. (.1 CEU/ 1 Contact Hour)

Reduced Presenter daily rates:
· One accepted presenter for each accepted podium, and one presenter for poster and table top presentation will receive reduced registration for one day. For round table discussions, one discussion leader per table also receive one day of reduced registration, but ONLY IF the round table discussion is submitted and accepted as part of the call for papers process. The reduced rate will be equal to the student rate for the day of the presentation only.

Review & Rating: Each proposal is rated by at least two blind reviewers based on
· Originality
· Relevance to clinical practice
· Relevance to the symposium's theme
· Currency of topic and references
· Overall completeness, clarity, and organization
Proposals with the highest ratings will be reviewed and selected by the symposium program committee to create a balanced and coherent program. Not all qualified proposals may be accepted if the program and schedule cannot accommodate them. You may request review and rating feedback from the symposium committee.

Proposal Acceptance - Notification of Acceptance of proposals will be emailed to the first presenter listed on your proposal by March 29, 2019. Some submissions may receive "conditional acceptance" based on requested revisions in length, format, or content. Emails will also be sent to presenters whose proposals are not accepted for the program.

Use of Proposal Information - All submitted proposals are the property of the Allen Cognitive Network. If your proposal is accepted, some of the information in the cover sheets and presentation abstract may be used in the program booklet for participants, for presentation handouts, on the ACN website, and in marketing of the Cognitive Symposium 2019. By submitting a proposal, the author(s) authorize these uses of the proposal information.

Submission Process and Access to Online Forms
1. You must have an ACN User Account. Click Here to
• Log in to your ACN user account as a current ACN member or to renew membership
• Join ACN and create an ACN user account
• Create an ACN guest user account
Note: you may also paste this link into your browser:
2. On your ACN user account home page, click on the “Call for Papers” tab.
3. Note that you can click on “directions and details” to access this document again.
4. Select and complete the Workshop Proposal Form or the Presentation Proposal Form and follow the directions for completing the submission process.
5. If you want to save your work and return to it later, please remember to click on “SAVE and QUIT” before exiting.
6. Once you submit a proposal, it can only be accessed for making changes by using the contact information below to request special access.
7. Submit completed proposals using the online submission process on or before the submission deadline: January 25, 2019.

For assistance
If you have questions or need additional assistance related to the symposium and call for papers process, please contact Susan Higgins, Symposium 2019 Chair, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and identify the subject as "call for papers". If you have questions or need technical assistance related to using the online submission forms, please contact Patricia Trujillo, the ACN Database Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and identify in subject line, "call for papers tech support".


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