claudia announcement



It is with great sadness that we tell of the passing of Claudia Allen on February 25, 2019. She struggled for many years with cancer, but her family describes a pain free and peaceful passing.

Claudia will be forever known in the OT community as a pioneer and leader, advocating for the rights of those we see with cognitive disabilities.  Her work, the Cognitive Disabilities Model, serves as a guide in creating an environment with “just the right challenge” to enable independence in participation in daily occupations.

We will continue to work to promote the use of the Cognitive Disabilities Model, following our vision and mission statements.  For those who wish to pay their respects to the Allen family, the invitation to the memorial service is presented above.


- Kathy Elgas, ACN President 







Welcome to the Allen Cognitive Network, the offical website for Allen Cognitive Advisors, Ltd.
Our goal is to preserve the quality of life for those with cognitive change, often a disability
that is the consequence of chronic health problems. For those who cope with these changes,
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